Rene Cabusas

VP External

My name is Rene Cabusas, I am in my final year at the Alberta School of Business, majoring in Business Economics and Law. This year, I am delighted to be the VP External for the EDGE Business Competition. I am also involved in my fraternity as treasurer, and work part time with the City of Edmonton. After I graduate, I am excited to pursue opportunities in the Real Estate industry. In my spare time, I enjoy various activities such as reading, listening to podcasts, hanging out with friends and eating a lot of food. I enjoy books that make you think outside the box and challenge your perspective, especially in a field that tries to force you to think singularly.

Ayan Affi

VP Finance

My name is Ayan Affi, and I am 5th year Accounting Major. Aside from school, I am a cooking enthusiast. I love learning how to make new dishes. Although I now consider myself as an amateur, there’s always room for improvement. I also have a cat and I call her Storm, because of her grey color.