Bryce Kuechle

VP External

Hey I’m Bryce and I’m the Vice President External of EDGE! I’m an accounting student in my 5th and final year here at the U of A. I chose accounting because I’ve always been good with numbers and problem solving. Once I graduate I hope to put these skills to the test and get a job in the field of auditing.

During my summers I have spent them working for the County of Grande Prairie, a municipality in Northern Alberta, as a groundskeeper. This job allowed me to pursue my passion for the outdoors, and when I’m not working I can be found on the golf course, hiking or just spending time around the camp fire. If I’m not doing something outdoors or studying for a test I’m probably spending my time watching Game of Thrones again, a show that I absolutely adore mainly due to the twists and turns within it.

If I had to pick a business leader that inspires me, it would have to be Bill Gates. I admire how when he founded Microsoft he was doing something he had a passion for, and once he was successful he used his success to help those less fortunate than himself.

Bryce Kuechle
Bryce Kuechle

Quinten Quail

Director of External

Hi! My name is Quinten, and I’m the External Director for EDGE 2017-2018. I, alongside Bryce, am in charge of securing funding as well as delegates for the competition. I’m currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Majoring in International Business, and Minoring in Finance. When I grow up I’d like to own a Burger Baron, and hopefully one day meet the Baron himself! The path to success is long and hard but I trust my business degree to get me there! When I’m not brainstorming for my future you can catch me at my youth centre where I am a vocal coach! In life you can “sing or swim”, and I do both!

Thanks for reading!