What is EDGE's external case round?

The goal of EDGE is the challenge students by providing them with a realistic business simulation which will test their ability to problem solve and think innovatively.Taking place after our internal round, the external round will have participants from across North America. In previous years students from Grant MacEwan University, SAIT, NAIT, the University of Calgary, and the University of Alberta have attended the competition.

The themes for EDGE's 2016/17 external case round are Real Estate Development and Hospitality. With two full days of dynamic competitions and timed simulations, competitors will be driven to deliver their maximum potential.

´╗┐What are the details?

The external case will be held from January 20 - 23 in 2017 at CRASH Hotel. Teams may have a maximum of four people.

All ticket purchases include the following:

- three nights of lodging at Crash Hotel (bed style dependant on purchase, maximum 2 people per room)
- participation in EDGE's external case competition
- dinner on Friday, as well as breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday and   Sunday

Competitors will have the room options of bunk beds/doubles, queens, kings, and king specials.

More details to come!

How do I register?

Registration for EDGE's external round is now open with a limited number of spots.