Our Academic Team has been working with our partners to create the most realistic and challenging cases yet! In other words, these are the best people to ask about the competition, but who can only tell you so much.

Jessica Lee

VP Academic Internal


Hi there! I am super excited to be working with the EDGE team this year as your VP Academic, Internal Competition. Having participated in the competition last year, as well as a variety of other case competitions throughout the semester makes me super excited to bring my experience to the table and create an amazing internal round. As a third year accounting major and operations management minor, I spent my summer running operations for a tech start-up, and will continue to do so for the rest of the year. The experience sparked my interest in start-up companies, which has led to my decision to become involved heavily in the start-up world after graduation.

Although there are many inspirational corporate leaders, someone I admire is both Terry Song and Sheldon Zhang, both founders of Yardly and who worked closely with me over the summer. Their down to earth approach to starting a business, which comes from their engineering background, was different than anything I have been taught so far in the Faculty of Business. In classic Nintendo fan fashion, you can find me playing Zelda on my Nintendo Switch or online shopping in the library. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the competition!

Ngan Tran

VP Academic External


My name is Ngan and I am joining the Edge team as VP Academic, External. Currently in my 3rd year majoring in Finance and minoring in Operations Management. Additionally, I am also VP Finance for Health and Wellness Movement on campus. Finance is a numbers game full of puzzles and challenges that related to our everyday life, something that I greatly enjoy. After graduation I will be working towards my CFA.

Last summer I was offered a credit analyst position at TD which provided on hand experience in the banking industry and allowed me to meet an amazingly diverse group of people, an experience which has been eye opening. When I am not worrying about school or work you can catch me reading; but on the chance that I'm not reading I am hanging with friends or playing sports including volleyball, Dragon boat, and rugby.

Someone who has always been my role model is my dad, he started his own company from nothing and made it into something. He's always said: "A job should not be a burden but something that you enjoy, jobs can easily be changed but you have nothing if you do not have happiness."